Alexis's Ark

Enterprise Resource Planning (Third Edition)

By Alexis Leon, McGraw-Hill Education India Pvt. Ltd., 2014.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated enterprise-wide information system that integrates the information system and automates most of the business functions of the organization. The basic goal of the ERP system is to provide one central repository for all data that is shared by all the various ERP facets in order to smoothen the flow of information across the organization.

Continuously in print for over a decade now, this book is a one-stop reference on the subject covering:

  • Enterprise basics and business processes
  • ERP basics, myths, risks, and benefits
  • ERP-related technologies and ERP security
  • ERP marketplace and market dynamics
  • ERP functional modules
  • ERP implementation
  • ERP operation and maintenance
  • Present and future of ERP

This updated, revised, and enlarged Third Edition covers the latest developments in the field of ERP and information technology, including the popularity of the Internet and World Wide Web, emergence of new technologies, and changes in the market dynamics. The discussions are supported by ample case studies and resources, alongside a bibliography and a glossary.

With all chapters of the book thoroughly revised to include the latest developments, the highlights of the Third Edition are:

  • New chapters on ‘Business Processes and Enterprise Systems’, ‘Advanced Technology and ERP Security’, and ‘ERP Deployment Models’
  • Coverage of business processes, enterprise systems, ERP security, on-demand (SaaS) ERP, and cloud or hosted ERP
  • Completely revamped chapters on ‘ERP Marketplace and Market Dynamics’ and ‘Future Directions and Trends in ERP’ to reflect the latest trends
  • New ERP case studies from a variety of vendors in diverse industries
  • A comprehensive bibliography for further learning

Today having an ERP system is not a luxury, but a necessity. Having a properly implemented ERP system and a fully trained workforce that knows how to use the system in the best possible way is a must for survival in this brutally competitive world.This book is primarily designed for students and contains a host of pedagogical features to make learning more effective.