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Oracle8 - The Application Development Handbook

By Alexis Leon, Comdex Computer Publishing, 1998.

Oracle is the most popular relational database management system in the world. It runs virtually on every platform from mainframes to minicomputers, PCs to Macintoshes, etc. It functions almost identically in all these machines, making Oracle one of the most portable and popular software systems.

Oracle documentation is very comprehensive but voluminous. There are more than 50 volumes and manuals. Finding the information one wants from this ‘Library’ is a time consuming and tedious task. There are a number of books which teaches the fundamentals of database management systems, fundamentals of Oracle, Oracle’s powerful querying tools, networking in oracle, Oracle Performance Tuning, Oracle database administration, etc. But there are not many books, which covers all these areas in a single volume. The Oracle8 Application Development Handbook is intended to fill this void. It will cover all the relevant topics and to the required level of detail. There will be no frills, bells and whistles. This will be a book that every Oracle user and developer will find very useful and handy.

This book is written with an aim to give one an in-depth understanding of Oracle8 object-relational database management system and its use in a client-server environment, without burdening one with the complex details that one will never use or need. One will quickly learn to design, build and deploy applications using Oracle8 and other development tools, which makes application development in Oracle faster and efficient. The Oracle’s SQL language and extensive facilities for enforcing data integrity is given a through treatment. This book also covers database administration, database security, backup and recovery, performance tuning, networking and distributed database management.

This book is targeted to all users of Oracle8. It assumes nothing. All the topics are explained from the basics to the most advanced level. For example the book explains the relational database concepts from the very beginning and takes you step by step through the application development, using Oracle. It also introduces you to the latest tools available which will make the application development easy. It uses real life examples to illustrate the concepts and provides the tips, tricks and short cuts that one can use to make the most out of Oracle.

The book is written in the format, which makes it easy for the users of earlier versions of Oracle. New features of Oracle 8 will be highlighted and wherever there is a change from the past it will be indicated. So experienced readers can skip or skim through the areas that they are already familiar.

This book is written with the objective to provide comprehensive and thorough coverage of the subject, make the book a single point reference, which the user will always want, by his side. So this book is for the end user and the developer, for the designer and the programmer, for the novice and the experts.