Alexis's Ark

ERP Demystified (Second Edition)

By Alexis Leon, McGraw-Hill Education (India) Ltd., 2007.

ERP Demystified is primarily meant for managers and executives who are entrusted with the job of implementing ERP systems in their organizations. This is a complete and comprehensive resource for organizations planning to implement ERP systems. The book contains all they need, package selection, costing, implementation methodologies, team organization, training, dealing with vendors and consultants, post implementation strategies and so on. The book is not specific to any package. The book will come in handy for anybody who wants to know about ERP, what is its future, how a company can benefit from ERP and for those people who want to make a career switch to ERP segment.

This book is also suited for a paper on ERP for post graduate level courses in Business Administration, Management, Computer Science, and Information Technology. This book gives a comprehensive treatment of ERP systems, it advantages, its implementation, its modules, the major vendors, and so on. It is a one stop reference of the what, why, how and who of ERP systems and its related technologies. This book assumes nothing; all concepts are developed from grounds up and integrated in such a manner that will provide the necessary logical flow for the reader.

ERP packages, if chosen correctly, implemented judiciously and used efficiently have the ability to raise the productivity and profits dramatically. This book helps the decision-makers in choosing the ERP package that is best suited for the organization along with the related technologies. It also provides comprehensive guidance in implementing the ERP system successfully.

Today having an ERP system is not a luxury, but a necessity. If you want to survive and remain competitive, then you need to be running an ERP system that is best suited for your organizations along with all the bolt-ons, and technologies that will enable to streamline your business, stay ahead of the competition and conduct business at Internet speed.

The revised and updated edition includes the latest developments in the field of ERP, information technologies and new technologies that are changing the ERP landscape. Divided into eight sections, the book covers ERP basics, ERP and Technology, ERP Implementation, Operation and Maintenance of the ERP system, Business Modules of ERP, ERP Market, Present and Future of ERP, ERP Resources, Case studies, Career guidance, Manufacturing perspective, etc..

To enhance the utility of the book, a learning guide for students and teaching aids for instructors are available at the companion Web site of the book.